Quand c'est

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    September 14, 2015

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Filmed in Seraing in the old Jeusette theatre, “Quand c’est” is the seventh single on the "Racine Carrée" album. Filmed in one sequence shot, we see Stromae, alone, confronting a disease personified by a misshapen monster. This struggle, which ends in death, is represented by a long, almost lustful dance where the two characters threaten and seduce each other.

Choreographed by Marion Motin and produced in collaboration with Benuts, the clip for “Quand c’est” was the last piece of work distributed from the "Racine Carrée" album and it came out almost two years after the album itself. Despite criticism, the clip won the Best Video award at the D6Bels Music Awards (2015), a Redbull Elektropedia Award for Best Video (2015), a Music Industry Award for Best Video (2016) and a Pop Berlin Music Video Awards for Visual Effects (2016).

"For the moment in the clip when the monster grabs me, we had to find a physical system to pull me and almost suspend me in the air. We eventually used a simple rope and pulley system which was pulled at a set rhythm. Then we removed the rope in post production and replaced it with a spider's claw."


  • Xavier Reyé Directors
  • Luc Van Haver Directors
  • Sacha Wiernik Director of Photography
  • Marion Motin Choreographer
  • Michel Denis Producer
  • Thomas Van Cottom Executive Producer
  • Roger Schins Production Manager
  • Coralie Barbier Stylist
  • Marie Brabant Make-up Artist
  • Raffaëlle Lambot First Assistant Director
  • David Van Berg Camera Operator
  • Amandine Mahieu Camera Operator Assistant
  • Marcel Bulterys Gaffer
  • George Bulterys Electrician
  • Abdel Mouhsien Electrician
  • Témoudjine Janssens Key Grip
  • Sarah Kimplaire Grip
  • Abdeltife Mouhssin Grip
  • Veerle Pipeleers Grip
  • Thanh Van Pham Crane Tech
  • Diego Dutordoir Unit Production Manager Assistant
  • Sabrina Seillier Unit Production Manager Assistant
  • Olivier Janssens Unit Production Manager Assistant
  • Jonathan Defort Unit Production Manager Assistant
  • Coralie Barbier Stylist
  • Marie Brabant Make-up Artist
  • Boris Görtz Stills Photographer
  • Benuts Production and VFX
  • Françoise Hernandez VFX Producer
  • Cédric Herbert Postproducer
  • Ronald Grauer VFX Supervisor
  • Bruno Pollet CG Supervisor
  • Nicolas Martin CG Supervisor
  • Virginie Breydel De Groeninghe Coordinator
  • Alexandra Meese Coordinator
  • Théophile Dhuicque Coordinators
  • Nicolas Corson Compositors
  • Boris Görtz Compositors
  • Christopher Leloup Compositors
  • Kris De Boeck 3D Artist
  • Fabrice Laroche 3D Artist
  • Quentin Martin 3D Artist
  • Maxime Richard 3D Artist
  • Frédéric Wedeux 3D Artist
  • Sébastien Bacchia 3D Artist
  • Jérôme Caperan 3D Artist
  • Justine Dubreux 3D Artist
  • Marc Dubrois 3D Artist
  • Thomas Eid 3D Artist
  • Benoit Rvilliod 3D Artist
  • Nicolas Caboche Data Wrangler
  • Cédric Delhaye Data Wrangler
  • Hadrien Huvelle Technical Support
  • Paul Faber Technical Support
  • Pierre Masereel Technical Support
  • Thomas Van Thuyne Editor
  • Eye-Lite Camera Equipment
  • KGS Grip Equipment
  • Cinetec Grip Equipment
  • Eye-Lite Light Equipment
  • Testov Light Equipment
  • AD HOC Sound Services Sound Equipment
  • Anne et Fred Cinécatering Catering
  • Combustibles Piron Warming
  • Macadamcar Support vehicles and facilities
  • EPG Guardian
  • Vander Haeghen & Co Insurance

Special thanks to

Thomas Van Thuyne, AD HOC Sound Services, Anne et Fred Cinécatering, Combustibles Piron, Macadamcar, Seraing locality, Vander Haeghen & Co, EPG