L'enfer (Live performance)

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  • Release date

    January 9, 2022

  • Producer

    Mosaert & TF1

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On January 9th 2022, Stromae released his second single, "L'enfer"; a talisman to fight the darkest of thoughts, where Stromae skillfully juggles a spectrum of emotions, exploring the most intimate of themes of suicide and depression. The song debuted live on the French news channel TF1 on Sunday night, where Stromae created a true performance-art moment on live TV and surprised viewers by answering the last question from the news-anchor with the first few lines of ‘L’enfer.’ He then continued to perform the entire song while sitting at the news desk.


  • Paul Van Haver (Stromae) Creative direction
  • Luc Van Haver Executive and creative direction
  • Coralie Barbier Creative direction and fashion design
  • Yoann Saillon Creative direction
  • Cyril Auffret Editor in chief
  • Eric Freslon Director
  • Olivier Gérard, Jean-Sébastien Audemard Channel identity
  • Valentine Bacquet Script
  • François Martrou Sound engineer
  • Yann Sallandre, Christophe Duchaxel Lights
  • Bergi Bouchara Camera operator
  • Gaëlle Birenbaum Communication & project manager
  • Evence Guinet-Dannonay Executive assistant
  • Gaëlle Cools Content & community manager
  • Roxane Hauzeur Textile product manager
  • Diego Mitrugno Office manager
  • Johan Millet Backliner
  • Lionel Capouillez Sound engineer
  • Lila Guéant Hair and make up

Special thanks to

Anne-Claire Coudray, Thierry Thuillier, Olivier Nusse, Stéphane Espinosa, Quentin Pestre, Jocelyn Chapel, Amaury Feron and Marina Hanna.