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"L'enfer" is a talisman to fight the darkest of thoughts, where Stromae skillfully juggles a spectrum of emotions. A depressive spiral that the artist lays bare in a few bars, from everyday boredom to the darkest forms of escape. The song acts as a further testament to Stromae’s ingenious and profound skills not just as a producer, musician but as a lyricist. A deluge of reverb and haunting voices become elegiac, and when the vengeful synth enters the stage, the listener has no choice but to join the fight.
The music video is a sequence shot that starts on Stromae's eye. As the camera pulls back, we discover him alone in a setting that is both sober and disturbing in its immensity. This continuous zoom out is punctuated by the singer's dark thoughts that gradually take over. The clip ends with a return on the eye of the singer, like the endless loop that can sometimes represent suffering and depression.


  • Paul Van Haver (Stromae) Co-Director
  • Luc Van Haver Co-Director
  • Coralie Barbier Co-Director
  • Julien Soulier Co-Director
  • Auguste Bas Producer
  • Lou Bardou-Jacquet Production Coordinator
  • Giuseppe Conti Producer BE
  • Gaëlle Birenbaum Communication & Project Manager
  • Evence Guinet - Dannonay Executive Assistant
  • Gaëlle Cools Content & Community Manager
  • Roxane Hauzeur Textile Product Manager
  • Diego Mitrugno Office Manager
  • Félix Lambot Line Producer BE
  • Mathieu Perez 1st AD
  • Benoît Debie DOP
  • Letizia Giorgi 1st Camera Assistant
  • Cyprien Rigaud 2nd Camera Assistant
  • Glauke Vankeirshilck Camera Trainee
  • Bao Debie Camera Trainee
  • Simon Moirot DIT
  • Emilie Sornasse Qtake Operator
  • Xavier Servais Key Grip
  • Nicolas Baquet Grip
  • Lucas Gonzalez Grip
  • Nathan Meynsbrughen Grip
  • Marco Viera Grip
  • Jérémy Tondeur Grip
  • Arnaud Hock Gaffer
  • Kilian Delcorte Consolist
  • Thibault Doens Electrician
  • Michael Stolz Electrician
  • Abdel Mousshin Electrician
  • Alicia Dubois MUA
  • Thomas Ruelle Location manager
  • Mustapha Amzir Craft
  • Justine Debekker Painter
  • Thibault Flament Painter
  • KGS Grip
  • Grip on Moving Grip
  • TSF Light
  • Lites Camera
  • Flo catering Catering
  • Studio Monev Permissions
  • David Le Bozec Storyboarder
  • Laurent Ferrante Storyboarder
  • Gaëlle Champion Artistic Direction
  • Abyssal Executive Production Belgium
  • Royal Post Post Production
  • Jonathan Trebois Post Production Manager
  • Cindy Durand Paucsik Post Production
  • Vincent Amor Grader
  • Julien Laudicina Set Supervisor & graphic designer
  • Alicia Boinot 2D graphic designer
  • Quentin Mesureux 2D graphic designer
  • Robin Deriaud 2D graphic designer
  • Ronan Dusmenil 2D graphic designer
  • Terence Nury Editor assistant
  • Hadrian Kalmbach Grading Assistant